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Lisa Ellstrom

Certified Health & Life Coach


Phone: 630-363-6558

  • Feel Great Naked! Total Transformation

  • 14 Day Reset Cleanse

  • 21 Day Reset Cleanse

  • Mindset Masterclass

It is truthful and brave to seek guidance for yourself and that is when working with a Coach can be the most transformational time of your life! Lisa is an experienced Certified Health and Life Coach who will work with you to find and strengthen your personal power to live the life that you envision, on your terms with her unrelenting support and accountability tempered with compassion- seeing you as you are without judgement.


Coaching can have various meanings but at it’s foundation it is a vehicle for getting you from one place to another- where you are to where you want to be. Think old school coach -horse and buggy style! When the bumps on your road are things like: sugar cravings, lethargy, self doubt and the feelings of lack of love, support, money, confidence etc. now that’s where we all need a breath of fresh air sometimes- as well as occasional boosters!!


Modern day Coaching encompasses the skills for uncovering the bumps or roadblocks and assist in understanding them, learning from them and letting them go. From there you say YES! to your truest, most powerful self and take empowered action toward the LIFE YOU WANT at the size and fitness you want as well! This will be challenging but in that there are lessons to find, resolve and celebrate! Lisa uses various aspects of Neurolinguistic Programing, positive psychology, Habit Finder/habit change theory in her transformational coaching methods to get you over the bumps and equipped to move forward with renewed lightness, strength and grace.


Book an introductory session today! It’s is free of charge and full of impact!! You will come away with at least 3 insights that will jumpstart the change you are seeking.

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