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Mary Wolters

Spa Owner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Yoga Teacher, e-RYT 500 YA

Yoga Teacher Trainer

Meditation Facilitator

Phone: 217.377.5127


Mary Wolters has been practicing yoga since 1997 and teaching since 2001. She has studied with master yoga teachers from around the world. Mary has taken teacher trainings with various well known instructors in Chicago since 2001. She has been most inspired by the many Prana Vinyasa Flow teacher trainings with master yoga teacher Shiva Rea, who taught her how to "move like water" and gifted her the name, "Merry Waters".

Mary carries a License in Massage Therapy and in 2005, she became an accredited Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. “Lazy Man’s Yoga” is a form of therapeutic massage that combines gentle stretching, acupressure, and breath work in one beautiful and meditative experience. In 2019, she spent two months in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to study with living masters of this healing art form. 


Mary completed her Yoga Alliance Certification through Moksha Yoga School in 2007. Committed to the process of learning, she believes that we are all students of what our life has to teach us. Sharing knowledge of yoga’s 5,000 year old tradition gives her great joy. She loves to incorporate the knowledge of the past (asanas, meditation, bandhas, mantra and mudras) with what is relevant in the here and now.

In January of 2009, Mary  Green Yoga Spa, where she sees individuals for massage and yoga therapy treatments. Mary is also a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist (NCTMB) and a member of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), she continues to study a wide range of massage modalities. 


While in India, she experienced a style of massage found in Ayurveda where the practitioner is able to deliver deep pressure and smooth out muscle tissue by using their feet! In July, 2011 she completed a training in Ashiatsu Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, which fuses the best of eastern and western modalities.

Mary began a meditation practice many, many moons ago. She frequently attended self-realization centers while living in southern California. And has enjoyed visiting spiritual centers around the world in her travels.  Since then, she has also attended Vipassana Meditation 10 day silent retreat and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training. Since 2013, she has shared meditation by offering 30 minute weekly meditation programs at the University of Illinois, Spurlock Museum. 

Most recently, Mary has been enthralled with the “psychological yoga” of Non-Violent Communication (NVC). Her experience with the practice has gifted her yet another form of healing. She has noticed an increase in awareness with the compassionate listening skills that are developed through NVC.  Mary loves sharing the 4 steps of Non-Violent Communication with others in workshops.

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