Ashiatsu Massage


2 Hour Session $160

90 Minute Session $120

60 Minute Session $80

30 Minute Session $45


Mary Wolters

"If you love classic Swedish massage but find that you often crave deeper pressure and broader compression throughout the session, Ashi is perfect for you."

Ashiatsu is very similar to Swedish: the therapist delivers the massage using long, smooth, deep, flowing strokes alternated with spot kneading and slow cross fiber friction. The difference is that the therapist actually stands on the massage table and uses her feet. Holding parallel bars mounted securely to the ceiling makes gliding with gravity and sinking smoothly into tissue easy. Your therapist will always ask if she is giving the desired depth and comfort. The result is a profoundly relaxing massage.

  • Combines deep compression and long flowing effleurage strokes

  • Elongates the spine and improves posture

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system

  • Boosts and balances the body’s energy

  • Loosens the back and shoulders

  • Relieves pain and stress, promoting relaxation

  • Improves flexibility