Green Yoga Spa COVID-19 Update Fall 2020

At Green Yoga Spa, we are committed to move from a place of love, not fear. For example, wearing a mask is a gesture of careful consideration of others safety, as well as our own self-care and compassionate awareness. Green Yoga Spa promises you the following:


1. We have gained an understanding of new laws and ordinances at the local, state, and national levels and adjusted accordingly.


2. We are following “The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards” (FSMTB) guidelines for massage therapists across various workplace settings. Guidance includes facility cleanliness and disinfection, practitioner hygiene, and recommendations for massage schools.


3. We institute thorough cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing protocols in your massage room, in our communal area. We have considered the laundry policy for linens, towels, and other washable objects.


4. We have thought about our own use of Personal Protection Equipment (including masks and clothing).


5. We practice frequent and thorough handwashing, especially before a bodywork treatment and sterile hygiene protocols.


6. We have considered our booking practices and made changes to allow time for sanitization procedures. We recognize social-distancing recommendations that may limit the number of people in one space. We have evaluated our cancellation policy and protocols if a client shows signs of illness. If you are showing any symptoms, you will not be allowed in the treatment space.


7. We are implementing an enhanced intake process. You can now find an intake form on our website here. Pre-appointment communications will help to minimize contact during check-in and check-out, demonstrating our commitment to the health of our clients and staff.


8. We have made necessary changes to our staffing policies, such as all staff will wear a mask while interacting with the clients.


9. We have posted signs near the parking lot and entrances asking you to text your specialist before you enter The Spa. When your room is ready, your specialist will invite you to come inside.


10. You will need to wear a face mask when entering and exiting Green Yoga Spa.


11. Most of the staff has Venmo and Paypal as an option to pay for your session. You can also use the website to pay; as if you were purchasing a gift card.

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