Spring Class Schedule


Photos By: Rose Yuen

We Have Options...
In Person or Zoom Yoga Classes

Merry Mary is teaching yoga classes IN PERSON again! 

Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings classes have an in person option at

Urbana Dance Company located at 122 West Main St, 2nd Floor, in downtown Urbana, Illinois.

The entrance is between Cinema Art Gallery and Rick's Bakery.

 The cathedral ceilings and large open windows create comfort and a charming 2nd Floor loft space.

To enhance the feeling of safety, please mask up. If you have been fully vaccinated, once everyone is settled on their mats, you can remove your mask, according to CDC guidelines.

Metered parking is free after 5p and all weekend.

How to Book Your Zoom Workout Class

You will need to register in advance through this page. These classes are based on a sliding scale. Please give in a way that feels generous and affordable to you. When you register, you will have an option to pay between $7-$20 for the same class. Once you have paid for your class, you will receive a PDF digital download via email, which includes the link for your Zoom workout class.

Zoom Workout Class Etiquette

You are welcome to keep your camera on or off. There is usually a check-in around 10 minutes before the class begins and a check-out at the end of class. The instructor will be checking to see how your body feels and if you have any requests for the practice. Classes generally run an average of 45-90 minutes. You are welcome to come to the class a bit late or leave early, as it works best for your schedule.

The group will be sure to welcome you and celebrate that you made it to class! ​


Enhancing Your Zoom Yoga Experience

The recommended set-up for Zoom Yoga Classes is to position the camera to the left of the front (short side) of the yoga mat. Align the bottom long side of your yoga mat with the bottom of the screen. The teacher can see the most of your body when participating in the yoga postures.  Ideally, the camera is far enough away that the teacher can see your whole body, and at the same time, the screen is close enough to you that you can see the teacher when she is demonstrating postures.