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Photos By: Rose Yuen

In Person Yoga Class Schedule

        Wednesday       5:30-6:30pm    

         Saturday      10:00-11:30am


In Person Special Events

Thai Yoga Massage Playshop Feb 11th    3:00-5:00p


In person yoga classes are held at Urbana Dance Company,

the largest yoga studio space in Champaign-Urbana! 

122 West Main Street, 2nd Floor

Urbana, Illinois 61801

Located above the old Cinema, now an art gallery & across the Street from the Urbana Parking Garage.


Payment for these classes taken on site with cash, check, credit card, or Venmo.

Pay what feels generous to Merry while honoring your own relationship with money.

The break even point for Merry is $15 per student when 5 students are present. 

If you choose to continually support Merry Yoga and join the monthly membership,

you would automatically gain access to all of Merry's weekly yoga classes,

unlimited, in person or online, each month.

Live Online Class Schedule


 Mondays           9:00-10:00am

Tuesdays          5:30-6:30 pm

Wednesdays       9:00-10:00am

  Thursdays          5:30-6:30 pm  

How to Book Your Yoga Class

You will need to register in advance through this page. These classes are based on a sliding scale. Please give in a way that feels generous and affordable to you. When you register, you will have an option to pay between $15-$20 for the same class. Once you have paid for your class, you will receive a PDF digital download via email, which includes the link for your Zoom yoga class. It is easy to attend, simply click on the link in your pdf digital download and the internet link will open up a window to your yoga class.

Register for Online Yoga Classes Below

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Online Yoga Class Etiquette

You are welcome to keep your camera on or off. With the camera on, your instructor can give you better feedback. With the camera off, you get to practice the art of listening. More about camera set-up below. 


 The instructor will usually a check in around 5 minutes before the class begins and check out at the end of class. The instructor will be checking to see how your body feels and if you have any requests for the practice. We may discuss props at the beginning and give each other a reminder to drink water.

Come to the class when you can, leave if and when you need to take care of yourself.

Enhancing Your Online Yoga Experience

The recommended set-up for live, online yoga classes is to position the camera directly facing the long side of the yoga mat. Align the bottom long side of your yoga mat with the bottom of the screen. The teacher can see the most of your body when participating in the yoga postures.  Ideally, the camera is far enough away that the teacher can see your whole body, and at the same time, the screen is close enough to you that you can see the teacher when she is demonstrating postures.

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