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Allerton Retreat

Join a team of wellness prefessionals for up to 2 days of nourishing activities to stimulate personal growth on all dimensions of your being.

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blueprint invites you to connect with yourself (+others) through PLAY at Allerton Park & Retreat Center.

This is a great opportunity to reflect on (or even create) the current vision for your life, dive deeper into your core values, and develop community with like-minded individuals, all through play!

This event is gender inclusive and open to all.


Our goal is to support your growth in the following 5 areas:

  • Mentally

  • Emotionally

  • Spiritually

  • Physically

  • Creatively

Once you register, you will be sent a google form & will able to choose your breakout sessions.

The earlier you register, the more options you have to choose from (some sessions have limited capacity)



We have included 3 words to describe the vibe of each session & how you should feel!

__________Friday, April 26th, Day Sessions__________


  • "Pilates for Every Body" with Rachel Hills 3 words: curious, balance, relaxing

  • "Learning the Art of Being Kind to Yourself with Mindful Self- Compassion" with Dr. Robyn Gobin 3 words: open-hearted, experiential, connected

  • "Kundalini Yoga" with Gabriela Brunner 3 words: invigorating, aligning, soothing

  • "Revitalize Your Energy and Impact: Fierce Kindness Microshifts" with Carrie Nuemann 3 words: peaceful, empowered, inspired

  • "Art Journaling for the Soul" with Suzanna Challen <2 part session> 3 words: messy, creative, reflective

_______________Friday, April 26th, Afternoon Breakout Sessions_______________


  • Glitter, Braids, Hair & Make Up - For the Love of Hair (EXTRA FEE $)

  • Tarot & Oracle Card Readings (with Megan J & Jessica N) - tarot, goddess, dragon, oracle

  • Thai Yoga Massages with Green Yoga Spa (EXTRA FEE $)

_______________Friday, April 26th, Evening Sessions_______________


  • "Senior Picture: a trauma inspired comedy show " with Lindsay Haitz

  • House Dance Party with DJ CK

  • Moonside Campfire with s'mores

_______________Saturday, April 27th, Day Sessions_______________


  • "Keynote Session" with Gina Johnson 3 words: engaging, evidence-based, inspiring

  • "Mindfulness & the Body: use breath work & meditation to regulate" with Rachel JG 3 words: centering, calming, insightful

  • "Yoga for Your Dosha" with Merry Waters 3 words: informative, experiential, relaxing

  • "Expressive Arts Journaling" with Julie Schubach <2 part session> 3 words: creative, connecting, intuitive(additional supply fee $)

  • "Fabric Self Reflections/Portraits" with Becky & Stacy Billman <2 part session> 3 words: fun, revealing, surprising (additional supply fee $)

  • "Intuitive Tarot & Metaphysical Arts" with Megan James 3 words: fun, intuitive, explorative

  • "YOUR Fierce Life: 6 Step in Confidence" with Erin Tarr 3 words: motivating, eye opening, energizing

  • "Connecting to Inner Self Through Intuitive Collaging" with Julie S 3 words: integrated, connected, curious

__________PRICING (there are 2 ways to attend)__________


Friday, April 26th & Saturday, April 27th

  • In addition to an agenda with a variety of options - Friday includes an evening comedy show, dance party, & a moonside campfire chat!

  • Friday meals- lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack

  • Saturday meals- breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack

  • Although lodging is NOT included in the registration fee, we invite you to take advantage of conference lodging at the mansion for $110 per person + tax.

  • Call 217-333-3287 to reserve your room. (Single and shared rooms available!)


Your Saturday only pass for April 27th sessions (includes lunch & afternoon snack)


Once you register, you will be sent a google form & will able to choose your breakout sessions.

  • If you have any questions and/or need accommodations, please email

  • Once your registration is finalized you will receive a link to sign up for your sessions and let us know of any meal restrictions or allergies.

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